Need more fps for gaming.

By Steve8274
Aug 29, 2007
  1. I need help trying to get my fps up to hopefully 60 but i want at least 45. I usually get around 5-10 in graphic intense places, and 20ish in other places, and peaks to 30 when im standing next to a wall lol.

    Operating System System Model
    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600) No details available
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    2.67 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
    8 kilobyte primary memory cache
    512 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P4S533-X REV 1.xx
    Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
    BIOS: Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4S533-X ACPI BIOS Revision 1004 02/24/2003
    Drives Memory Modules c,d
    80.02 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    25.75 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

    52X24X52 CD-RW [CD-ROM drive]
    SONY CD-RW CRX320EE [CD-ROM drive]
    3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

    WDC WD800JB-00JJC0 [Hard drive] (80.03 GB) -- drive 0, s/n WD-WMAM98691995, rev 05.01C05, SMART Status: Healthy 1024 Megabytes Installed Memory

    Slot 'DIMM 1' is Empty
    Slot 'DIMM 2' has 1024 MB
    Slot 'DIMM 3' is Empty
    Slot 'DIMM 4' is Empty
    Local Drive Volumes

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Oh, and the game is C&C Renegade (Pretty old game) i think i should be able to have enough computer power to do it
  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    You haven't said what graphics card you have.

    According to its only agp x4 mobo, not good for gaming at all these days.
  3. Steve8274

    Steve8274 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh duh, graphics card is nVidia 6600, and even if it wasnt good for gaming shouldn't it run a 4 or 5 year old game ok? and how could i make it better?
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