Need recomendation for a decent dual DVI card

By steve0617
Sep 15, 2006
  1. Got an older Dimension 4550. Has only 512 of RAM. Currently running an older 4xAGP card (the VISIONTEK XTASY RADEON 9100 128Mb - VTK 9100128AGP). Runs fine but I need a dual DVI card and (if possible) one that would be Vista Aero compatible. I know I'd need to bump the RAM up to a gig which might not be practical $ wise with a multiple year old PC, but anyway... PC is a biz PC with email and surfing. No heavy AV or the like usage at all. No gaming either



    EDIT: DAMN! First post and I pooch the spelling of the headline! puke:

    EDIT #2: Checking the specs of the system, only has a 250 watt power supply but has virtually nothing inside the case that isn't stock other than a NIC in addition to the onboard one.
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    What is your motherboard, or do you no if it can go above x4AGP.
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  4. riekmaharg2

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