Need some help with Vista

By leonhsu
Aug 14, 2008
  1. Hi all ,
    my first time posting, so if I messed up plz forgive me.

    I have a problem connecting a vistalaptop to my current network.

    the situation is like this.
    I am using a school sponsored network jack, running through a D-link 241 Router, connected to my desktop (window xp, media center). My mom came from Taiwan to visit me, and she had her laptop running Vista. I connect her laptop to my router, it shows connected to internet, but I can not open google or w/e web pages. I surf the web and try to toy with it a little such as disabling the IPV6 and restart blah blah blah didn't work. I am not an expert at computer and now I am stucked. I even tried to use her IE to open the link to the router but nothing happend......

    anyone can inspire me?

    thank you all in advance.

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