Need to Rotate Video

By TheBorgInva
Mar 14, 2005
  1. I have 4 videos I took with my camera but some of the videos at some point of playback are rotated. When I took the videos, I was moving my Olympus C7000 camera sideways, the way I take some photos. However, the digital screen display shows me what I see but the camera recorded sideways. Now not the whole video. In one vid I was recording holding the camera the normal way, then I tilt it sideways for a minute, and back to normal. So when I watch my cousin Irish dancing on my computer, wihtin a minute, a tilted the camera, and now the playback has her dancing hozizontally. You know what I mean?
    What editing software? It does not need to be perfect either. I just want ot be able tow atch the vids without having to tilt my head to the left, and neither will my family.
    Thank you.
  2. Nodsu

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    Any video editing software will do. If you want something small and free, try VirtualDub.
  3. TheBorgInva

    TheBorgInva TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I aave already tried (on my own, no one gave any helpful advice on how) Roxio, Nero, Ulead VideoSuite 8. I called Ulead's people and they do not do what i am looking for. So far nothing has helped. I would not care if I was able to split the video into 3 parts (because the middle is the flipped viewing), rotate that 2nd part, and put all 3 back together. Not even care if I loose a second or two in playback.
    I will try tonight that other program you mentioned and let you know.
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