Need USB or Virus help

By dcmause
Aug 4, 2009
  1. Today I was viewing pictures on my boyfriends computer ( he has Windows XP) with a USB storage device memory card reader and his virus software came up and told me that there was a virus in his computer. Therefore I shut down the computer without safely removing the USB device. After I restarted the computer, it did not recognize the USB device and there was nothing on the bottom right hand corner indicating that it knew the device was connected other than a different icon that exclaimed that I needed to install new software. When I clicked on the new software that needed to be installed it said that the software was a Garmin card reader therefore I figured that was the USB device so I clicked install which didn't change anything.
    Now when I connect the USB device nothing will happen in the computer and when I go into my computer there is no removable device or disk application. Therefore I shut the computer down a second time and after it shut down an error message came along the entire screen with a blue background that exclaimed that : windows will be automatically shut down due to a problem and it said that I may have installed something inproperly and that I may need to uninstall new installations, etc. When I would restart the computer there would be a symbol shown to the top left hand side that looked like a the end of a USB connector. Which I assume means that my computer thinks that there is still a USB device connected. Everything else in the computer has been working properly...internet, etc but it will not recognize the USB device and when I shut down the computer the same error message continues to come up.
    So my question is does this problem sound virus related or is it due to the USB inproperly being removed? Has anyone else been through a similar situation and how did you resolve this problem?
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    im pretty sure that is happing because of the usb, if you think it was a virus did you scan your computer? can you do that?
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    What antivirus do you have?
    Have you tried the USB on a different computer?
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    I did. I used adaware to scan my computer but he also has another virus software that I have never heard of so I just used the one that I have heard of before. Adaware found 28 objects so I quarantined them and put them in a folder.
    The reason that I think it may be virus related is because the reason that I detached the USB incorrectly was due to a virus message from his software that indicated that he had a trogen virus.
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    sorry about the two repeating messages...I'm new to this site...wasn't sure where to place the message
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    He has avast and adaware. Avast is the one that I've never heard of
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    avast is an anti-virus program
    its not a virus.
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    Read this:

    I suggest install Service Pack 3 and see if just that takes care of the issue.

    That failing, I'd uninstall all the USB fare in device manager, under USB Controllers.
    Then reboot and have Windows XP install CD available or at least a compatible USB driver.
    Try driversguide for that if you don't have it.
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