Need Win32-Fotomoto Fix - HijackThis Log Incl.

By rokusanni
Jan 26, 2008
  1. Recently my brother (another user of this machine) had Windows Defender divulge to him that he has a handy, dandy, browser-modifying virus. Of course, my initial reaction was kicking him in the face, as older brothers are obligated to do. But, then, I quested for a cure. It looks like most threads on the cure are case specific, beginning with one infected individual posting a HijackThis log, and then another, more virus-savvy person guiding them through the steps to cleansing their computer. So, could someone be my lighthouse in the distance? I need guidance!

    [HijackThis file attached below, superfriends]

    Thanks very much for your time, mysterious helper. I'll keep a watchful eye on this thread to follow your lead. Until then, I'll just tell my brother to deal with the virusy-stew he has created for himself.
  2. tomrca

    tomrca TS Rookie Posts: 1,000

    hi there.
    i am sorry to say, but you have many problems. first i must tell you that your hijack this is out of date and is running from the wrong place and needs to be should be from prog files or my docs/hijackthis/analsyer.exe or whatever name you wish to give the exe file.
    GO HERE and follow the instructions exactly, after which post all the logs from software scans and await instructions.
    click on hijackthis below in my signature to obtain most recent version
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