Needing a new PSU

By pw2much
Dec 24, 2009
  1. Hi guys, I'm back, say I was told before that the power supply that I have is probably not strong enough for the equipment that i have running in my system and was told that I should look at a Corsair 650w psu,now their expensive but good for my machine, but I was also looking at the OCZ and the Rosewill psu are these considered good psu's of high quality because there is a sale on them and compared to the corsair 650w at $98.99 and the other two at $79.99 I would be inclined to go towards the ocz or rosewill can someone elaborate on the difference in quality.(my psu is StarPower-SP600DF/24)
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  3. pw2much

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    But why would I get a 400w psu when I'm running three drives in my system (2sata,1ide) and the 600w that i have isn't handling that at this time,I believe I need either a 650w or higher don't you think, I do a lot of video recording also with blu-ray.
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    You don't necessarily need 650W on your system. The 400W HK suggested would be minimal, so I would suggest something like 550W. However, if you're contemplating future upgrades you might as well grab a 650TX.
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  6. hellokitty[hk]

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    No it would run just fine on the 400.
    But yes, if you plan on upgrading, specifically the video card as it is the only component that really takes a lot of power, then you could preemptively buy a more powerful power supply.
    Remember that power supplies are most efficient when they are operating at 100%, operating at 70% or so decreases their efficiency. Plus the corsair 400 is a great high quality power supply that is pretty cheep.
  7. pw2much

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    But I have problems with the 600w that I have now running three drives on my system that's why I need a better PSU,at this point I had to unplug my Bluray drive because when I'm watching a DVD movie in either drive with the bluray plug in my movie may without warning slip into fastforward thru the hole movie now I was told that it maybe a PSU issue that's why I'm shopping for one with more wattage than the one that I have and also my system runs a little hot too,I have 2 DVD SATA drives and one IDE DVD drive and my PSU is just not doing the job!now will the 400w handle all that I'm running in my machine or am I right about getting the 650w?and I might add another video card too.
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    If you're going to add another card I'd go with the 650. 400 watts should be enough to handle your system, BUT over time psu's degrade and that cant be disputed. Skimp on your power supply and start saving up for new parts because that's what you may need when/if it takes something out with it.

    Get the 650watt psu and be happy, it also leaves you room for another vga upgrade.
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    Thanks to all of you for the help that that you've given and the patience you've shown me I think I'm also going to upgrade on my computer case and get one with more fans to it, well I think this satisfiies me with the right answers,thanks again guys!!!
  10. hellokitty[hk]

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    Fast forwarding takes more power...I think, and all those drives combined would take maybe like 100 - 150 watts, their not very power consuming in relation to the CPU and graphics card.

    But if you are thinking about a new card, you should give yourself some head room so you don't have to buy two powersupplies later.

    Meh i'm on two drives, a core 2 duo and a 9600gt and i'm running on 380 just fine o.o.
    More fans wont help noticeably, but its always good and can help your parts last marginally longer.
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    as others have said a 400w is ok for now and a 600-650 would be good for future upgrades. The reason you are haveing trouble is your current PSU is a cheap piece of junk that probably only outputs 300w or so. Good Brands like Corsair, Antec, FSP, Seasonic, Pc Power & Cooling, Enermax, etc. actually output what they are rated for; low end units from noname manufactures (Ie. starpower) are overrarted and often put out less than half the power that the label claims.
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