Neophyte in dire need of useful information for problem solving solutions

By MonoTech
Apr 24, 2010
  1. just a newbie boomer trying to learn more computing tech-savvy solutions that a layman can perform on their own computers. I will definitely use and need a lot of help.
  2. john jurss

    john jurss TS Rookie

    To Mono Tech

    I will be only to help you in any way I can .Just ask me what you need to know and I'll try to help as best that I can.

    John Jurss:cool:
  3. MonoTech

    MonoTech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, I'm still struggling with some issues with my computer and may need some additional advice. Will get with you later. Mono
  4. john jurss

    john jurss TS Rookie

    Message To Neophyte

    People tend to forget that no-one was born an ITPRO.

    You mentioned that you were experiencing some problems.That's actually good in the long run,as people learn absolutely nothing about a computer if they don't experience a problem now and then;most people get around it quite easily,as the internet is full of people that have a vast knowledge of computers.There are also many well-meaning but ill-informed people out there,so use common sense,and don't be afraid to ask.

    A guy on the net called Vlad is also someone to talk to.This guy is no *****,and you could do a lot worse than take some advice from him.

    In the meantime,let me know what problems you are experiencing(if any by now),and maybe we can sort it out.


    John Jurss
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