Networking Issues

By mhopeck
Dec 31, 2003
  1. Alright, from the top...I've got 2 computers, both running XP, both running thru a Linksys Ethernet Adapters. Both wired with CAT5e. Anyway, I can't seem to connect them or access the folders on the eachothers systems. They both go to the hub and one computer(computer-1) has a printer on it. Now, in the network connections window, computer-1 has a connection labeled Local Area Connection 2, while computer-2 has a connection labeled Local Area Connection. I'm assuming that these connections should be the same. Also I know that the files/folders on the respective computers should be selected as shared and whatnot. And altho I "shared" them, I could not access them. I tried in the Network Places window to add a network place, and when I opened their workgroup labeled "workgroup", I got an error that said it could not find the folders on the network. please help me out....
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Both PCs must be in a workgroup with the SAME name on each PC.
    Then you go to where you manage accounts (in W2K Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Local Users and Groups).
    Click Users and enter the name and data of the OTHER PC's User.
    Click Groups and give the wanted access in one of those groups to this user.
    Once done you must give access-permission on the Disk or folder/folders that the other person can use. Rightclick on that HD resp. folder and select Sharing, then select Read/Write or All for that user.

    You must do this also on the other PC for the fist user.
    Have fun.
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