Networking problems+Connecting wirelessly 2 Laptops

By Aragorn7326
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I am pretty stuck with this one so any help will be appreciated.I've setup the 2 laptops to see each other fine (printing,internet) but although from one (name it A) of them I can access and share everything all the time, from the other (B) I can only access him and move files when I do the following procedure:

    Control Panel
    Administative Tools
    Local Policy
    User Rights Assingment
    Access this computer from Network....................Guest, .....

    and then I go and include on the settings there Guest or whatever and everything works fine.As soon as I restart B the settings reset (probably) and I have to do that all over again in order to gain access to it.When B restarts there is nothing on the Access this computer from Network, on the right is blank.

    Is there anyway to "convince" B to save the settings in order to be able to work properly???

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