Neurio's Home Energy Monitor offers an overview of your home's energy use

By Shawn Knight
Sep 16, 2015
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  1. Earlier this year, I took Neurio’s Home Intelligence Monitor for a spin. Through the use of some nifty hardware that mounts in your home’s electrical breaker panel and an app for your phone, the Home Intelligence Monitor lets stats junkies like myself see exactly how much energy is being consumed at any given time as well as what appliances are actively costing you money.

    Based on feedback the company has received, not everyone is interested in this level of detail. As such, the Neurio Home Energy Monitor was born.

    Think of the Neurio Home Energy Monitor as a stripped-down (and more affordable) version of the Home Intelligence Monitor. The new device provides a real-time glimpse into your home’s total energy use rather than on an individual appliance basis.

    As I referenced in my review, a device like this certainly isn’t for everyone. Neither product does anything to directly reduce or alter your home’s energy usage in any way. Instead, it empowers you to make changes. Visualizing your home’s energy usage can help build energy-saving habits that translate into tangible savings each month.

    The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is available for pre-order starting today for $149 with plans to ship in early October. The company tells me it is also in negotiations with a large big box home improvement store to start selling its new product early next month.

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    That's a waste of energy

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