NeverWinterNights and HalfLife troubles

By Shinkada
Jul 26, 2003
  1. I know I'm only new, but I need a favour already x_x
    First of all, is NeverWinterNights. I have Disc 1, PlayDisc in my hand right now... However, even though I've upturned my room over the past three days, the Install Discs are nowhere in sight. Does anyone know where I can get ISO's for the two other Discs, that DOESN'T involve literally wading my way through pornographic websites and popups?

    Secondly is HalfLife. I bought the GameOfTheYear edition way back, and none of them work online! When I try to join a game, it says I need to install a new server patch and whatnot. I download it, and then it says 'Click here to apply the patch'. I do it, and then it just says 'Could not apply' and then it only gives me the option of 'Finish'. I've gotten tonnes of people to try fix it for me, but no one can. Plus technitions are too expensive, since the answer is probably right infront of me. Being 13 and living off about 1/4 of my Mum's pension, my budget is very short. (Considering I still managed to overcome that and get my Geforce 4 TI4200, I think I'm doing pretty well at that :D)

    Well, thanks for your help, guys ^__^
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