New graphics card crashes system

By golfnut
Jan 24, 2007
  1. I just bought a new GeForce FX 5500 128mb AGP card.
    When I first installed it, the display came up but it wouldn't install the drivers from the disk. I called PNY and they told me to download the latest drivers. After a re-boot, the screen was power light was on, but nothing would display. It even sounded as though windows was loading....listening to the startup sounds. I pushed the reset button, and it brought up safe mode. I pressed to install windows normally and nothing happened. Tried resetting again, brought up safe mode, and tried booting in safe mode.....nothing happened.
    I was forced to re-install windows using the old graphics card. Everything worked fine. I tried again to re-install the new card.....same thing happened....crashed. It wouldn't even boot into windows. And I did uninstall the graphics drivers prior to install.
    Why is this new card crashing???
    I have a MSI KT4V MB
    supports 1 AGP 8x/4x 1.5V and 6 PCI
    PNY 1 GB ddr 333 sdram
    Enermax PS: ATX 12V, 370W, 27A total 12V
    Windows XP SP2
    Old graphics card is GeForce 2 TI AGP
    And it has a AMD Athlon 1800+ CPU

    Do I need to up the voltage to 1.7V?
    Disable fast writes?
    It also automatically tells bios to choose auto, instead of choosing 4x, etc.
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