New keyboard install on Toshiba Satellite Pro P300

By andylane
Jun 11, 2010
  1. Hi guys could you help me.
    I have a toshiba Satallite Pro P300 and i have glued two keys to the keyboard and have two more keys mssing on my laptop so i have bought another keyboard for the laptop and it was delivered this morning.
    My problem is i havent got a clue to how to replace it and install it into my laptop.
    Could any one give me a step by step walk through on how to take off my original and replace it with the new one i have had delivered this morning.
  2. kaldrouby

    kaldrouby TS Rookie

    hello ,
    the best thing is to follow the manufacture book , it's the most helpful thing in the world . you can also youTube it but it's impossible to write a step by step on here , and even if i do you will be confused .
    check it toshiba website for documentation

    PS: advice dont not do it unless your sure that you can handle it other wise you will be left with screws and plastic all over the place :) it happend to me
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