New MB Booting Problems

By Cassavus
Sep 4, 2003
  1. I just got this motherboard for an older computer. It's a FIC PAG-2130 Socket 7 ATX Motherboard ( I have a K6-2 450 CPU on this board. I was having memory problems earlier, so I sent an email to tech support about the beep code it was giving me. This is what they said:

    "The beep error refers to the memory not synchronizing with the MB correctly. Thus the system will beep in this manner."

    So that problem was fixed, when I tried a different stick of ram. But I discovered something. When it seems to start booting up, it doesn't get past the detection of the master and slave drives. So basically it says, detecting primary master: found 'such and such' drive; detecting primary slave: found 'such and such' drive. Then it stops right there. It won't go any farther.
  2. poertner_1274

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    If you are mixing different types of RAM, it might cause this. If they are incompatible with each other. They could be the same type and everything, but sometimes if they are different brands it won't work.
  3. StormBringer

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    To add to that, Some brands of RAM cause problems in some motherboards.
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