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By shoot4thrill
Jun 4, 2007
  1. As the title says I am in the market for a new keyboard and mouse. What I am looking for is to be able to use this mouse for gaming, web browsing, and anything else that you would use a mouse for. I would like a mouse that has great comfortability and this is one of the main importances that I need but don't forget that i'd like it to be good for FPS games.

    Here are some of the current mice that I am looking at:
    1. Razer Copperhead
    2. Logitech G5

    What I am looking for in a keyboard is also comfortability. In both of these that is one of the greatest things I want. I also would like a keyboard in which the keys feel good to type on. I would prefer that the keys not be extremely noisy and would be a joy to type on.

    Here are some of the current keyboards that I am looking at:
    1. Razer Tarantula
    2. Logitech G15
    3. Logitech G11
    4. Saitek Gamers Keyboard
    5. Saitek Eclipse II
    6. Saitek Eclipse

    The things I am looking for in a keyboard and mouse to consider greatly:
    1. Comfortability
    2. Browsing
    3. Gaming
    4. Feel of the object and joy to use

    Any reply would be greatly appreciated and I am happy to be a new member in this forum and plan to come here for all of my computer related needs. Any other suggestions on products would also be greatly appreciated along with a reasoning behind why you suggested that product.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    None of us could possibly tell you what is comfortable for you. It is your hands and ears! :)

    Also, are you really that good of a gamer that the mouse/keyboard would make a difference? :p

    Go to a store and try out different mice/keyboards. Once you have found a couple that feel and sound good enough for you, come back and ask if they are good for gaming.
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