New Service HijackRemote, P2P HijackThis Service, Connects Users with Analysts

By surfer8
Jan 3, 2006
  1. HijackRemote is a free social networking solution to spyware. It brings together users who need their PCs cleaned of spyware with a network of spyware professionals, skilled with using HijackThis.

    The users download the HijackRemote tool, which scans their PC and sends a HijackThis report to the web service. Spyware professionals login to the site, checkmark the items to be removed just as they would in HijackThis, and the treatment is sent back to the user for acceptance. They simply click 1 button and HijackRemote automates the HijackThis cleaning to remove the items you've marked.

    If you're a HijackThis guru, we invite you to join the free site and help rid the world of spyware. No commitment needed, clean a log or two in your spare time. Or use the service as an additional tool, along with other malware removers. To signup, there is a very easy HijackThis test after which your account is created automatically.

    The service is free for everyone as we all want to rid the world of spyware. The hope is that HijackRemote will help HijackThis gurus more directly aid users.

    HijackRemote is available at
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