New to these boards, can I add links in my posts?

By tiredofthiscrap
Jan 27, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I am new to tech support boards and am thankful I found this one. I too have gotten the Home Search Assistant parasite and have spent days trying to rid my system of this malicious thing. During this ordeal I have become angry that people can do this. I then sought out information concerning spyware and found that it is not illegal. I am furious that we are forced to spend countless hours and at times days, money for programs to remove these things and the frustration and anger that this type of marketing causes. I have spent many, many hours getting information on bills put up before the HR committee to be sent to the senate, I would like to post what I have found and links for the ease of anyone and everyone that has had enough of this to email this committee and thier senator to get this bill passed. So, I guess back to my question, can I post and add links on this forum?

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