By leomimi
Jul 7, 2009
  1. hi im mimi
  2. raybay

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    Welcome aboard. We hope to learn a lot from you. Be sure to read all the Guides thoroughly as they will help you make more productive visits.
  3. leomimi

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    actually i need help i am having problems with my dell latitude c610. dont have the bios password, nor the windows password, nor the admin password. i have tried removing battery from motherboard. and it doesnt work and what can i do this is stressing me out.
  4. raybay

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    Sorry, as I understand TechSpot policy, members can no longer assist with password problems. You can do a search of the TechSport forums to find a more detailed reason of why this is no longer being done... but in general, nearly all attempts were failures anyway.

    You will likely have to go to the Dell web site, register as an owner, then if that computer has not been reported stolen, the Dell people will help you after about 21 business days... or so... for a fee... which may seem excessive.... You will need to send it to a location Dell specifies, and it may take another several days.

    The password system was placed there for a reason, and buyers paid good money to get that protection, so nobody is interested in making it easy or inexpensive to remove them.
  5. kev19stokes

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    Had a dell for a couple of years and didn’t use it when I pulled it out I have forgotten the password. So I read and did some research and started looking for the pin on my dell.
    I have my dell c610 in a million parts trying to jump the chip. When I push the power button it does not come on. When I take the wires off it will boot but soon shut down if I re touch the pins. Not sure what to do? Reading it is a common problem but everyone seems to get around it somehow but no one says how.
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