Newbie to forum says Hello

By JadeDragon
Aug 23, 2008
  1. Hi to all on this forum. I have been browsing due to a serious startup/shut down problem and have been so impressed with the super information provided here. I have a high interest in computers and am consistently storing more data in mine; We have 4 in our households, plus parts of older, deceased ones.

    And yes, I do have other interests, photography (a great blend with computers), pets, presently a cat, often, but not just now, a dog. Wildlife is big and nature. (camera related too). Cooking, house renovations, working the woodpile. I plan to create some e cookbooks featuring my personally developed idea of natural eating. . . I have been scanning old family photos and plan to create a digital album using a program called flipbook. You can hear the sounds of the pages turning like in Myst. Oh yes, computer gaming, some online. Doom, Need for Speed and Quake are the ones I play, but I am not very good at any of them.

    You'll be seeing my questions here and there.

    All the best, JadeDragon
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