Newcomer Welcome & Hello

By uncleel
Feb 8, 2002
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  1. ddg4005

    ddg4005 TechSpot Enthusiast Posts: 236   +23

    Welcome aboard Gary.
  2. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat Newcomer, in training Posts: 2,407   +6

    Howdy Gary, pleased to meet you.
  3. Dave-M

    Dave-M Newcomer, in training

    New to this site

    Just found this site doing a net search. I bought a Toshiba A135 note book after years of using desk tops.
    This Toshiba has Vista on it and I am running XP on my other computers. It is going to take some time to
    get to like Vista.

  4. Mutiny

    Mutiny Newcomer, in training Posts: 24

    Hello, I'm a new guy. How is it going everyone.
  5. ebony35

    ebony35 Newcomer, in training

    Hello everyone this is my first post.
  6. ShipMaster

    ShipMaster Newcomer, in training Posts: 95

    I am almost surprised this is not stickied.
  7. hamas123

    hamas123 TechSpot Maniac Posts: 499

  8. kituli

    kituli Newcomer, in training

    I am a newbie and require patience..I am pretending to be tech savvy enough to be allowed to communicate with those cyberspace experts.
  9. stayzzhard

    stayzzhard Newcomer, in training

    Greetings,new member,knows silch about pc...But very eager to learn....Hello then!!!!
  10. technophobe73

    technophobe73 Newcomer, in training


    hey all, I need help with my laptop which is playing up.....i dont even know how to make a post yet on here..........rather slow i think.
  11. crimsonfx

    crimsonfx Newcomer, in training

    HEllo guys! this is my first post.. I am amazed on how much information i can get in this message board.. I'm not that good on computers thus i hoped to learn much from you guys!
  12. barelylegalrcc

    barelylegalrcc Newcomer, in training

    hello, i am new here as most of the rest. i am in desperate need of help and confident that i should find help here, which i shall greatly apprecciate, thank you.. Jared.
  13. Rouch

    Rouch Newcomer, in training

    Hey there, I'm new here too. I need to post my hijack log, but I cannot post unless I have five post.

  14. mayday1991

    mayday1991 Newcomer, in training

    thank you for helping me in advance

    Hello everyone

    not much about word, more about getting PC's fixed.
  15. rebeccalo3734

    rebeccalo3734 Newcomer, in training

    Hi, I'm newer~

    Hey guys

    I'm Rebecca Lo, from Taiwan.

    Nice to meet all of you.

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