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By Cucumber
Mar 27, 2002
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  1. Here is a page with some nice PC cases, (aswell as cooling, and harware) on it,
    If everyone has already been to this page please feel free to have a go at me!:D They are not too pricy, and you can order them from the site:
  2. uncleel

    uncleel TS Rookie Posts: 980

  3. Cucumber

    Cucumber TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 154

    Cheers man, i'll ummmmmm use that in the future:D

    There isnt as many features at PlanetHardware (where i used to go)

  4. Ronin Tetsuro

    Ronin Tetsuro TS Rookie Posts: 20


    Those are definitely some sweeeeet cases.

    I just might have to keep my tower where I can see it if I get one of those.
  5. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +7

    I love the look of these. I have a pretty cool case that I like, and if I was ever going to change it, it would be to some kind of cube that supports a large number of hard drives, etc.... But those are still pretty cool....
  6. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    Wow is all I have to say..Those cases are absolutely beautiful..The Phat201 and the PhatMax are just amazing looking. If I didnt have the PC60 I would jump all over one of them.
  7. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +7

    "You will be exterminated!" - The Daleks.


    I LIKE it!!!!

    Here is what I have my eye on:


    Of course that 250W PSU would have to go.... But that is easily done.....
  8. svtcobra

    svtcobra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 761

    Im surprised that the PSU is included first of all. Its kind of a kick in the pants that its only a 250w. Great for 486's!!!!:D
  9. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    There are several there I like too, And I am partial to the Phat one also. I just don't have a sorce to get them from.

    Phantasm, What in GOD's name is that ? Are you custom building a case or is it bought like that ? Details please. :)

    And the Red Phat MAXX is quite the sexy too. ;)
  10. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Posts: 5,734   +7

    Its a server cube with the face plate (which is detachable) removed....
  11. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Sorry to be so just struck me odd that early in the morning when I posted. I went with a tall case instead of a fat case. It's nice, but tall. Wouldn't fit in my desk where it belongs so I put it on top. Its now great for upgrading cause now its less than an arm away !!
  12. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,704

    Yeah, I'd like any one of those cases. But really, I'd rather have a Koolance... they're water cooled...very cool, no pun intended...If I had enough money I'd easily get one of them!

    Also, if you want nice case mods, check out Fast-MHz!
  13. boeingfixer

    boeingfixer TS Rookie Posts: 1,006

    Thanks for the link and I posted the same url for Fast-Mhz last week. That water cooled case is way cool !!

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