"No audio Device found"

By hyperkid110
Nov 4, 2006
  1. I recently formated my harddrive and reinstalled windows XP on my dell, and everything works fine now except I dont have sound. I've gone into control panel and it says "No audio Device found" and I dont have the little speakers in the corner.
  2. wolfram

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    Hello and Welcome to Techspot!! :)

    It appears that you don't have the audio driver for your sound card. What model is your Dell? Is it using an integrated sound card, or another PCI card?

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  3. hyperkid110

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    I'm using a Dell XPS gen 4, I'm not sure what kind of sound card its using. I've never had to mess with sound related things before so I dont know a whole lot about them. Where would I find out what audio driver I need?
  4. wolfram

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    Go to Dell's Website, choose your computer model, and download the drivers from them.
  5. Grafficks

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    If you didn't install your audio driver after your Windows reinstallation, then does that mean you didn't install any drivers at all? To be sure, go into device manager (Right-click My Computer>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager) and look for anything with a yellow "?"

    Windows will give you all sorts of crap if it doesn't like your drivers, or worse yet, if the drivers aren't there. Unless you've done so already, install your hardware drivers. Start with important ones like graphics and motherboard. Your PC might have also come with a support CD you can use.
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