No Audio!!

By Matt232
Jun 18, 2007
  1. hi, first post....i dont know much about computers but im having trouble with my sound. I have a Dell Dimension E310...and the speakers that came with it. I dont have any clue what could have caused this but i have no sound. Ive done all the trouble shooters and still no sound. I had a yellow exclamation mark by the SigmaTel High Def CODEC in device i uninstalled it and installed it and it says its working fine. But i still have no sound. I open the volume control and it wont let me click on anything...and when i click on audio output in speech prop. and it says there are no current audio output devices installed on the machine. help!!
  2. Tedster

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    if your speakers are analog, select analog, if digital, select digital.
    It sounds like you have a driver uninstalled.
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