no "create startup disc" option

By Row1
Sep 15, 2005
  1. help - i have a new build. i need to flash bios. so i went to make a bootable floppy. windows xp says to put a floppy in the floppy drive, go to it in my computer, look under "file" for "format," then look for "create am ms-dos startup disc."

    well, the floppies i have are formatted. when i go to the a drive, the file folder does not have "format" as a choice. so how do i make a boot disc?

    i am gonna go get a cup of coffee. i am sure someone will tackle this question for me by time i get back. thanks. if we weren't meeting in virtual space, i would get you a coffee, too.
  2. Row1

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    figured it out.

    figured it out. i had to rite-clik a drive. couldn't select a then select file then format, as the windows instructions say.
  3. greenflash

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    lol i missed a cup of coffee ;)

    as u already done ;

    if u want to create a boot floopy

    insert an empty disk in drive then go to My Computer right click the Drive (fe:A) then select Format.

    In the next step in Format Options tab select Create MS*Dos Start-UP disk

    Thats all
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