"No input signal"

By monkeygun
Sep 23, 2006
  1. I purchased a new computer 2 months ago and have had a recurring problem with the screen which appears to be worsening. Everytime it has been unplugged when i switch the computer on the screen says "no input signal", I can hear the computer powering up, windows opening sound and if i put a dvd in it i can hear the sound from the speakers but no picture. In the past i have restarted the computer a few times and eventually the screen will work. Once it has loaded fine it will work perfectly then everytime i switch it on until the next time it is unplugged.
    The screen is a mikomi 1701-w and it worked perfectly with my last computer, all the connections are in properly and the screen works fine when i use it with my PS2 or for TV, any idea's would be helpful i've be working on it since i moved house on sunday.
  2. Nodsu

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    Do you have a video card with multiple outputs? It may be that the vid card is not detecting the monitor and defaults to the other connector.
  3. monkeygun

    monkeygun TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As far as I am aware thats not the case but i'll check it, just for reference the computer is a "advent MC3040" media centre xp computer, 2.93 mhz pentium 4, 512 dd ram, 160 hd, 128 nvidia graphics card.
  4. mzjaykay

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    I have a emachine t6536 and the same issue when i boot up black screen mon-no input need help
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