No start up menu or icons!

By Kiki05
Oct 12, 2005
  1. When I started up my computer (hp pavilion a430n with XP) there wasn't a start-up menu or desktop icons, just my background image. :mad:
    In order to get my start-up menu and access my files I had to press ctrl, alt, delete and open up alot of documents with New task.
    Then I would restart my computer and just before it would restart i would exit out of the end task dialouge box (the one that has a progression bar if thats what u call it) then a few errors came up like hpsysdrv.eve failed to initialize becase windows is trying to restart etc.
    These error boxes have a red dot with a white cross in the middle on the left side.
    When i try to get on the internet with dial up it works, but when i use aim, it doesn't sign on, as if i weren't on the internet.

    Problem - error message "invalid Backweb id 7288971" no start up menu or icons, multiple error boxes, and aim wont start when online.

    Solution - i went to best buy, they said try a system recovery - $60??? because i hve a few files missing or something, I have one on my computer built in, but will it delete all my files? Help please!
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    Yep, my best guess is you are screwed. Don't do the $60 crap, if your data is that valuable, send me your HD and $30 and I'll get your data off of it. Seriously though, find a friend and put your hd in their comp as slave, save whatever you need off of it, then put it back in yours, and do your HP restore disk thing.

    Also you posted this in the wrong forum, I'm going to move it to the correct forum, but please think a bit more on where it belongs before you create a thread.
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