No task bar, just tablet panel icon. Help!

By Gonzii
Jan 31, 2007
  1. Greetings and salutations all!

    I am glad that there is a community people that are willing to help.

    I am have a problem that when in windows the task bar at the bottom will only show items in the notification area and not in the “task bar appearance” location. In other words the only way to see what programs are running is by opening up task manager. The only icons that are visible are the language bar and tablet input panel icon (in fact it takes up all the task bar space); when I minimize a window is sends it to the left of the screen not be seen again unless I open task manager.

    My tablet is a Gateway CX210X running Windows Tablet XP 2005; When received it I used partition magic to partition my drive since the people at Gateway give you image disks and not real software. I talked to them and they now nothing. I am waiting to save up some money to buy Windows Vista Business (since tablet XP is not available for purchase). I ran “chkdsk”, anti-virus (avast), ad-aware, and spybot search and destroy. I even reghosted the image I had saved after installing all my programs and getting around Gateway’s lack of customer customization.

    One note: it seemed to solve the problem once I went into “safe mode” and then back. But after two reboots the problem resurfaced.

    Help! I use this for all school work and work.

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