No video on boot and other intermittent problems

By asdfzwer
Oct 27, 2009
  1. Lately I've had a very strange problem with my computer. When I turn it on, it'll usually boot normally except my monitor receives no signal. After I reboot, however, it'll usually begin receiving signal. I say usually because every once in a while, it doesn't boot at all (I don't hear the beep).

    I've searched for similar problems, but none of the other cases seem to "fix" themselves after a reboot. Everything works properly after my monitor receives signal, so I'd assume it's not a power supply or video card issue.

    Clearly some part of my PC is slowly dying because it doesn't even boot up sometimes, but I have no idea which part. It's not a dire emergency since currently I'm just suffering through a double boot-up, but I'd still like to figure this out.
  2. kimsland

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    One of the best options to do on these No POST issues, is to remove all internal dust by using high compressed air (you can even purchase high compressed air cans)
    Also remove all internal addons (ie addon Video card) and blow them out too
  3. asdfzwer

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    The dust was already cleaned out before I posted this. I tried unplugging and holding the power button, and I thought it fixed it. Unfortunately, the same problem began again yesterday. Today was even worse; no POST on boot or even reboots, so I tried unplugging and holding the power button again. It beeped around four times and monitor received no signal, but it ended up logging into Windows. After reboot the monitor received signal as usual.
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