Nokia' s "Treasure Tag" will help you find misplaced keys, Lumias

By David Tom
Jul 29, 2013
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  1. Losing your keys can be a frustrating, and often time consuming experience. Alternatively, when faced with a missing phone, the common response is to try and call the handset, only to realize that it’s on silent, or worse, out of...

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  2. gamoniac

    gamoniac TS Addict Posts: 293   +69

    This can have many other uses as well, including keeping track of your small kids in a crowded area. That would be much better than that expensive single-purpose, AA-battery device I got when I travelled overseas with my toddler.
  3. Tracking devices... sounds really cool, how much will they cost though?
  4. dprasad

    dprasad TS Rookie

    Sweet Nokia, but with Microsoft it will go un-noticed. ditch them now if you want to stay revelant.
    balmer is too busy collecting money from android, Microsoft don't really care how much phones you sell.
    They are making more money from Samsung than you. Wise up

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