norton ghost and partitioning

By Jaf
Feb 21, 2006
  1. Hey. I have a full pc backup image made by norton ghsot 2003 and have restored it before and it works fine. My pc is OEM and came with XP and the hard drive is formatted in FAT32. The hard drive size is 120GB. I was wondering, can a ghost image made when the pc had a FAT32 file system, be restored on to the same drive, after it had been re-partitioned to the NTFS file system and formatted? Does this even matter, are backups universal, that can be restored to any hard drive (e.g. size, file system) different to the one the image was first backed up on.

    If this can be done does anyone know of a free partition tool that can run from dos from a boot floppy or cd and can partition a drive in nfts and format it ready for an xp home ghost image? The reason for asking the last question is becuase I don't have windows xp home on a cd with all the tools, it's silly oem-style with a 'hidden backup partition image'.

    Thanks all.
  2. Jaf

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    It's ok,

    I've sorted it already :)
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