notice for anyone living in the NI

By etones
Sep 25, 2005
  1. SEVERE WEATHER - PRECAUTIONARY ALERT ISSUED BY NIE (northern ireland electricity)

    heavy rain and gale force winds forecast for tomorrow could possibly cause some damage to the electricity network in Northern Ireland, particularly in rural areas.

    Extra NIE engineers, call handlers and administrative staff are on standby to reinforce our normal capability to restore supplies, following severe weather damage, and to provide regularly updated information to customers. Our Incident Management Centre at Craigavon will be fully staffed.

    Peter Gavan, NIE's Director of Corporate Affairs, said: "If there is any damage to our network from the severe weather predicted, we are already in position to get customers back on supply as quickly as humanly possible consistent with safety, and to keep customers regularly updated and informed.

    "The reality is that Northern Ireland's electricity network has the highest ratio of rural overhead lines per customer in the UK (apart from the remote Scottish Highlands), and that severe weather -gales, snow and ice, floods and lightning- can cause unavoidable damage. We shall keep working through increased targeted investment every year to minimise this type of damage.

    "We are also stressing our regular safety messages:
     do not approach broken lines or damaged poles and keep children away
     turn off electric cookers, ovens, irons, computers etc. if electricity supply is lost
     take extra care if using candles, oil lamps or other naked flames
     test smoke alarms with fresh batteries
     ensure adequate ventilation if using gas heaters.

    they only issue these warnings when there is severe on the way,
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