NTLDR missing message (have searched)

By graphx
Mar 26, 2007
  1. hey guys im new here so forgive me if i dont know much about abriviations and such.

    anyways im reformatting my girlfriends computer and yes i have done this before a few times with mine that i built myself. anyway straight to the problem... i keep getting the "NTLDR is missing" message when i boot w/ the XP pro cd in the tray. some additional information: i started to install windows last night but it froze up thus i had to exit the setup process, leaving me with a blank formatted (im assuming) hd. im not sure how to get back to the screen for erasing those partitioned spaces or whatnot without the windows cd booting up. i have been in to bios and changed the cd boot order to be first and hd 2nd. i have also tried just having the cd boot alone and nothing else enabled but it gave me the "Disk boot failure, Insert system disk and press enter" message. ive tried some software install and some programs on a blank cd to fix the problem but no help thus far. anyway some help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. thx.

  2. ocl

    ocl TS Rookie

    You may need to clean the CD off, or your CDRom is bad… if you can get the windows CD to boot you can use the disk manager to format the drive or you can try GPARTED, a free disk manager, just google for it and burn it to a CD…. I have not seen NTLDR missing when booting off the CD ???
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