NTLDR Missing

By petay_pan
Jul 20, 2005
  1. Hey guys...
    This morning when i turned on my computer I got the error message before boot 'NTLDR Missing Press CTRL ALT Delete to restart computer', which I do, and the same thing happens.
    I had a look on other websites and found a lot of information, such as using the Windows XP CD recovery tool, and copying the file across. Well, I tried this, and it appeared to work, it said that it had copied the file successfully, and upon reboot, I still get the error message.
    Other websites have suggested making an XP boot disc, which I will try at a later date, as I don't have a floppy drive on this PC.
    I was wondering if a clean reinstallation of XP would resolve this issue, but I'm worried that I'll lose all my stuff.
    And also... I have XP SP2 on the system, but the install disc only has SP1.
    If anything, I just want to get into my files so i can save them onto disc, then wipe the HD.

    Any help on this would be seriously appreciated, thanks people.
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