Nvidia 7800 GS problem

By Special-K
Mar 29, 2009
  1. Hi

    I bought an Gainward Bliss 7800 GS+ AGP 512MB off eBay last year, obviously second hand. It has two sockets to take power from my PC. I've also got an X1650 Pro. Ever since I got the 7800 if I plug the power sockets into the card my PC will not boot. If I unplug the sockets the PC boots. Am using a 700W power supply. This same non boot up problem occurs in my other PC too. Games run fine with the 7800 but I get a warning message telling me the graphic card is running at a reduced rate.

    But I've now noticed the X1650 Pro on one of my games produces much better graphics than the 7800 however the X1650 doesnt have Open GL and I'm getting error messages on some of my more graphic related programs so I'd like to stick with the 7800 but get it running at the proper rate.

    Does anyone know a way round this or does it sound as though my 7800 has been overclocked badly?
  2. mailpup

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    It sounds like the power supply is the problem. It's not that the wattage is not enough but that something is wrong with the PSU itself.
  3. SNGX1275

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    I'm a bit suprised the card runs at all. I've got an AGP eVGA 7800GS CO or whatever their superclocked one is called, it just has 1 molex connector on it, but if it isn't connected the card screams at you and doesn't display anything on screen.
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