Nvidia 8000 series spec chart

By MetalX
Feb 27, 2007
  1. Here is a chart listing the specs of all the upcoming 8000 series GPUs.

    From Left to Right here are the columns:

    First Column: Card Name
    Second Column: Core/Memory speed
    Third Column: Memory Type
    Fourth Column: Memory Bus
    Fifth Column: Memory Size
    Sixth Column: Number of Unified Shaders
    Seventh Column: Manufacturing Process (eg 80nm, 90nm)
    Eighth Column: MSRP


    Interesting to note that the 8600GT/8600GS are STILL on a 128-bit memory bus. And the chart is mysteriously missing the rumored 8600 Ultra, I guess it's been renamed the 8600GT, and the old 8600GT has become the 8600GS...

    And despite the low number of unified shaders (only 32) the 8300GT looks like it could be a real bang for the buck card ala 7300GT. It just seems kind of neat that the core clock of the 8300GT will be faster than the current top of the line 8800GTX :stickout: And the memory speed is ungodly for a budget card.

    Whoops, I guess I'd better credit the site I got this from.

    So what do you guys think?
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