Nvidia and ati

By onesmartidiot
Dec 30, 2007
  1. i have nforce 610i chipset with onboard geforce 7050 video. i know the video probably sucks but i will eventually upgrade to a geforce 7 or 8 series pci e x16 card.

    i hate ati with a passon and will never buy their crap again. (8 instances where i have regretted my decision on ati with 8 diff cards)

    anyway to the question, how smoothly with my tv wonder pro work with this system?

    i paid a good pile of money for it a few years back and i like the composite input ability for my $10 garage sale videocamera lol

    does nvidia make a tv tuner nowadays? i know they used to have one but i heard it sucked compared to tv wonder.

    id just figure id ask so someone with my setup could tell me to do/ not to do it before i actually did lol

  2. onesmartidiot

    onesmartidiot TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 95

    nevermind, i dumped the idea.
  3. Myzz617

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