NVidia Fx5200

By northernmonkey
Nov 22, 2004
  1. Hello everyone, i'm pretty new at this game but i could do with some help. I'm having trouble playing FiFa 2005. I have a compaq sr1119, amd 3000+, 512 DDR ram, and the fx 5200 (128meg) graphics card. Now then, one would have assumed that this would have been more than enough to run this game quite happily, alas this is not the case.! It tends to have banding on the screen when i try to play the game, it doesn't happen all the time and you can't tell if it's gonna happen or not! I've downloaded what i believe to be the latest drivers just in case ( however i'm not sure if these are the latest!)

    I'm really getting fustrated now as it's a bloody good game!
    Someone please see if you can offer some help and advice?

    Forever in your debt,

    Da Monkey!
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  3. northernmonkey

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    Hey thanks for the link, however will this work with my fx 5200? It's got some other model numbers up along with it, don't wanna download them and lose the display all together!

  4. howard_hopkinso

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  5. northernmonkey

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    Hey Guys.

    Righto, where do i begin?

    I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them. Tried the game and it was worse than ever. Suddenly, an error message came up :- CPU fan has failed!

    So after thinking of the possible cost and changing my underwear i remembered that i actually took out the insurance that the spotty little 17 year old in PC World tried to sell me ( he was offering lots of free goodies too!), i got on the phone to them, they ran me through the bios temp etc and it turns out my fan is running some 48,000 times mores per minute than it should! Appartenly it should run at around 2600 rpm.

    He says it could be the cpu fan/heatsink or the motherboard itself (which isn't in stock and is on back order) however the fixer man is coming friday to have a butchers at it.

    I don't know if this will cure it, but one things for certain, it's bloody not helping!

    I'll let you know what develops, until then........

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