O/C and Cooling Advice

By mrchu
Sep 29, 2004
  1. I now have a ThermalTake Xaser V Damier and a ThermalTake PurePower Butterfly PSU (480w) mobo is the gigabyte k8ns, with an Athlon64 3200+...

    I would first like to know from the people (as the reviews seem to say so) if my choice of case and psu was wise for optimum cooling...if so...does anybody have any advice on a cpu heatsink and fan to purchase to enable me to overclock this CPU safely? Its running stock at the moment...I'm very new to this but I'm trying to equip myself well so I can really push the machine...(also there is 2x 512 PC3200 Corsair Value Select ram)...any advice corresponding to settings, choice of fans, links to guides on o/c'ing my ram etc.. would be massively appreciated!

    thanks for reading :grinthumb
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