OnBoard vs Add-in

By Raiders
Mar 27, 2004
  1. This question may not belong in this forum but,, are add-in and OnBoard grafics essensialy the same? as far as tweaking??

    Case in point,,onboard ATI Rage IIC and Add-in Rage IIC

    Thanks All:confused:
  2. Didou

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    Onboard graphics chips do not differ much from normal ones. They are simply soldered onto the mainboard & either use the system's memory ( the Ram ) for video memory or come with it's own memory chips.

    They generally do not perform as well as stand-alone graphics chips but that is because of price considerations. If they were to include the equivalent of a R9800 Pro onto the mainboard's chipset, that chipset alone would be selling for over $150, so the mainboard would sell for about $300.

    Sometimes onboard cards can use the same drivers as stand-alone ones as is the case with nForce-IGP cards but if there is one available specifically for the onboard card, it is better to use that one.
  3. ak_in_charge

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    You also have to take into consideration the fact that if your onboard video goes out you have to replace the entire motherboard:dead: instead of just one card.
  4. Raiders

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    Thats good to know,,I got it now.
    Most Exellent point AK.
    Another lesson in the books,,
    Thanks Y'all :grinthumb
  5. Raiders

    Raiders TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 69

    Revolve aroun Bandwidth?

    The whole bandwidth thing plays apart of such performance issues yes??
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