Outlook 2007 Restart Roundabout -- HELP!

By mkranitz
Aug 9, 2007
  1. I've been using Outlook 2007 for several months. I have Cloudmark Spamnet and GotoMeeting integrated into the toolbar. Apart from that, nothing fancy.

    All of a sudden, Outlook didn't want to stay open. Quick bullets:

    • I ran the Office 2007 repair kit several times during the course of my diags and repair
    • I ran the 2007 scanpst.exe and fixed the file
    • I relocated the outlook.pst and archive.pst to a different disk to ensure there were no disk I/O issues
    • I SUCCESSFULLY launched Outlook in Safe mode
    • The damn thing will not stay up in regular mode. Interestingly, everything loads fine and then about 5-9 seconds after it's sitting there, it hiccups and dies with the "send Microsoft" dialog box glaring.

    This is why people buy Macs.

    Can anyone give me a strategy for going from safe back to normal mode?
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