Outlook 2013 - unable to launch

By DjKraid
Mar 19, 2015
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  1. YAY - I'm here again which means that I have some issues that I can't figure out myself...not cool..anyhow, this time it's Outlook that's being an *** (as always), it fails to launch and gives me the error message that can be seen in attached file. The worst thing is that this is totally random even tho mostly I have to restart my work machine before I even get a shot at starting Outlook again after this error..
    As I said, the error is random and "fixes itself" after a while...and that "while" can be over an hour long... This is on my laptop at work and our support only says that it's the .pst files that aren't closed correctly however I still get the error when I don't use any pst archives...I also tried to create a new mail profile but that doesn't help either...I even managed to get the same error when I was creating a new mail profile...

    So any ideas and suggestions on this?

    System (in short):
    Lenovo ThinkPad T510
    Windows 7 Pro x64
    MS Office 2013 vpn...

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  2. ComputerGuy55

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  3. DjKraid

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    Thanks, I'll look in to it on Monday again :)
  4. jobeard

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    The first clue IMO is the inability to access the Exchange Server - - that's a networking issue and your PC may need 'cleaning'.

    btw: All Outlook accesses PST files upon loading. A new email profile makes changes with the active PST.

    I would solve the access to Exchange first.

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