Overclocking issues

By Batmaniac
Mar 25, 2006
  1. I'm attempting to overclock the memory clock on my 128mb Radeon x300 (using RivaTuner) for Oblivion and I have a slight issue. I'll be brunt, without v-sync (which prevents tearing) I get no tearing at default clock settings when playing Oblivion.

    Without v-sync I get tearing at about 15% overclock. So I set it down to 13.3% and it seemed to work fine but after playing it for about 15 minutes I got a bit of tearing in certain parts.

    With v-sync I overclocked up to 21.3 % and still didn't get any tearing.

    So which is the better representation of what is happening to my video card during the overclock? Testing it in Oblivion with v-sync or without?
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