By anhil8or
Jan 24, 2006
  1. Hey guys i want to over clock my cpu a little bit.

    i have a
    pc chips M870 v2.0
    cpu = Amd athlon 64 bit 3000+ 754

    if you need any more info ask.
  2. iNoob

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  3. LipsOfVenom

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    i had a socket 754 3000+ at 2.0 Ghz that i took up to 2.6 GHz with a stock cooler...but then i had to buy an aftermarket fan/heatsink since it wasn't stable. i think stable would be 2.3 or 2.4 GHz without changing voltages...i only used the overclocking program that the motherboard came with.
  4. Need_a_Dell

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    Word of caution...

    By overclocking anything, you void your warranty. Make sure you are extremely careful and that you follow steps completely, word for word. A slow CPU is better than a fried CPU.
  5. anhil8or

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    what program are you talking about, because all i can do is go into the bios and change the cpu clock from 200 to 250 mhz that is the only thing i can change. thats in the frequency/voltage control of my bios. but every time i change it i get a black screen and have to clear the cmos on the motherboard and put all the settings i had back.
  6. LipsOfVenom

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    oh i had a VIA mainboard and it came with this program called jetspeed of sumthing and they let me just move a slider and it took care of the multiplier and FSB for me... very nice actually...not sure if other motherboards come with those programs since they aren't encouraged
  7. anhil8or

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    hey could you send me that program. i have a pc chips motherboard. my email is
    just put it into a rar or zip file.
  8. anhil8or

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    hey when i go into my bios there is a setting for the cpu speed if i up that is that over clocking it? but when i do that i get a black screen. can you help me.
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