overused USB port?

By suntaxis
Aug 4, 2006
  1. I've never gotten this notice before now, but my laptop said that I have overused a USB port by plugging something into it that uses too much power, though everything I have plugged in works. All I use are my printer cable, optical mouse, cooling pad (which has helped but has not really fixed the problem of the constantly running fan), iPod cord, and digital cable cord, and flashdrive though not all at once. I currently have the cooling pad and mouse plugged in, and for a brief period of one or two minutes, I had unplugged my laptop and that's when I got the alert. I have four USB ports so when I clicked on the bubble on the task bar, it showed four known ports and 2 unknown ports and one of them was in bold, signifying that there was a problem with it. I regret that I can't provide more details but this kinda blindsided me as it's never happened before.
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    In Windows Device Manager, select View->Devices by connection. Expand all your listed USB hubs and check the power usage in its properties. You see how much power is drawn and what exact devices are connected to that port.
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