P key broken throughout pc

  1. My computer was working fine until after I put it to sleep. Then when I tried to enter my password, my p key wouldn't work (3 of the characters in my password are p) I tried the Windows virtual keyboard and the p wouldn't work there either. I have opensuse Linux dualbooted if that helps any fixes.
    Using a Dell xps 8700 running Windows 10
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    Don't know how to delete the post , but new drivers fixed it
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    No need to delete, you came up with a solution and we all like those here! Thanks for the report.
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    I also spilt coffee on my keyboard last night. I'm using the virtual key board. I think it could be sugar also causing problems. I really need HELP. I have a HP ENVY intel inside CORE 17 with touch screen . I really don't know what to do. Thank you for any help Brenda
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    Keyboards can be replaced.... or Amazon, or NewEgg, etc... Check YouTube for 'how to' videos.

    If you are enterprising, you can remove and clean your existing keyboard... coffee with cream & sugar... how much?... a cup full will do other nasty things if it got below the keyboard - but if really only a splash, then removing keys, surface cleaning, first with water (sugar is water soluble) and then with 91% alcohol may be enough.

    I guess you can see by all the work involved why most folks just replace the keyboard.

    Look at a bunch of YouTube videos first.

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