Paged Fault in Non Paged Area

By jo1lygrngiant
Aug 9, 2006
  1. Hi everyone, im wondering if someone can assist me with this problem please..

    Im working on a Unattended DVD, with XP pro, sp2, all drivers, and assorted software installed too. Now ive got to the part where im beta testing the disc. Im using MS Virtual pc, with default 128mb ram, and default 20gb drive.

    The disc works perfectly, ie no need to enter any details.. it loads all the drivers, and software fine. Nearing the end after 'hivesys' it BSOD's, with a error code of


    and Page_Fault_in_nonpaged_area. Some of the stop codes are
    0xFA99F00 and 0xFA96674F, together with the 0x....50.

    Ive searched, and searched for a answer to this, and frankly im getting stumped. It cant be a memory error, as its virtual.

    Ive done the program again, taking off the applications, and it still happens. One thing ive not tried yet, is doing it without loading all the drivers. That is something for another time..

    The disc works great, with no drivers, and no applications. Completely unattended.

    Ive made a iso, and beta tested it on another machine ive got in here, P4, 1Gb ram, 120gb hd, and the exact same thing happens.

    Memtested the ram, all clear after 7 passes. Stress tested the CPU and again all clear. The PSU in the test machine is a Antec 600W, and the one running the virtual pc, is Antec 680W.

    Sorry for the long post.. any questions, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as this is something ive been working on for close to a week now, and now its finally getting somewhere, i dont want to just have a disc, with xp unattended..

    Thanks for your time, be safe

    nige :)
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