Palm's new Tungsten T2

By Julio Franco
Jul 23, 2003
  1. Palm's latest efforts come in the form of a revamped Tungsten, touted the 'T2', this new handheld features the latest version of the PalmOS 5.0, a 320x320 transflective color screen, 32mb memory, built-in Bluetooth and more.

    The Tungsten T2, available now for an estimated street price of $399, has 32MB of RAM, double the memory of the Tungsten T. The T2 also has RealOne software for playing MP3 files (which can be played off a memory card in the device's Secure Digital slot) and a built-in speaker for easy listening.

    A price drop in current models is also expected, not a bad time to look for a PDA deal (although I remain a big fan of the Clie's).
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