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By onesmartidiot
Jan 15, 2007
  1. i have a 320 gig sata drive and xp home is only seeing 127gigs of it. what program should i use to partition the remaining gigs as a seperate drive to use in windows, not dual boot.
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    Partition Magic works quite well.
  3. Tedster

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    do i want a primary or extended partition?
  5. onesmartidiot

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    anyone know of a free partition software that is somewhat easy to use. i would like to resize my 30gb win xp partition to 15 or so gigs and image it onto another hard drive, so that when my buddy blows it up again, i dont have to do windows, sp2, drivers. and then make all 300 or so gigs work as a complete seperate partition. i tried this before with the windows disk management but when i wanted to nuke the "c:" drive and keep the "z:" the way it was, the windows installer only saw 127gigs and only the c:drive.. i hope that made sense, lemme know if it didnt
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    As for me I prefer Acronis Disk Director for partitioning tasks. It costs cheaper than Partition Magic but has many useful built-in features and can perform any partitioning operation.
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    I asked this very question a while back. There are no good FREE partition programs. I did buy partition magic off of ebay for cheap. Works great.
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