partition win 95 wid win xp

By kiyhkuj
Oct 25, 2007
  1. Hello everybody. I am (i think) the newest member of this fantastic community and the fantastic website. I have a problem and are hoping you can solve it! You see, is there any way to partition win 95 onto a hard drive which allready contains win xp? If there is then please tell me because i want my desktop pc to have win xp and win 95 so that way I can play with my educational software and gamez. Thankyou for your time and the contribution that I hope you will put to answer this. I'm very grateful!
  2. Rik

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  3. kiyhkuj

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    Thanks but not the answer

    Thanks for your reply but this is not the answer to my problem. what can I actually do to partition 95 onto a hard drive with xp allready installed on it? If this is the answer can u please explain more to me what it can do 4 me. thnx.
  4. Rik

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    What is your reason for getting win 95 running then?
  5. Po`Girl

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    Before you think about installing 95,take a look at -

    - Windows compatibility mode HERE

    - Virtual machine HERE

    If you still want to install 95,you will have to remove XP,

    install 95,then resize the 95 partition,install XP

    and dual boot.
  6. kiyhkuj

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    I have some interactive educational Cds which I paid quite a lot for and they are only compatible with win 95.
  7. Rik

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    I still think setting up a virtual machine wil be much much easier and quicker than trying to do a dual boot.
  8. kiyhkuj

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    thnx po' girl but i still don't get the virtual machine yet i can still do the dual booting way thnx
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